This is a secret page! If you're not here from my vent twitter then... this is useless

Things I might talk about on here

mental illness things I'm too scared to talk about on my main

my 'weirder' interests like witchcraft and divination

in general, my interests but more than I do on my main

What to expect

I try to keep some of my mental health problems on the downlow because I'm not comfortable sharing them with everyone. If you're here I trust you enough to share! Thanks!

I'm part of a system, if I mention someone by Rose I'm talking about my system mate! He has his own twitter if you want to talk to him!

I sometimes make jokes about my mental illness, don't worry too much

I might talk about some past abuse on here, I can tag things if it's needed! Don't worry about telling me to tag things

That being said, if any topic I'm talking about makes you uncomfortable just tell me and I'll either tag it for you or stop talking about it, whichever works

I indirect my friends a lot on here! If something I'm talking about doesn't make much sense that's probably why

Feel free to ask me about anything that might not be on here!